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The Jack the Chipper is a traditional fish and chips restaurant with the added contemporary atmosphere. Our emphasis is on great fish dishes but we also have other choices you may wish to try such as pies or various other options to pick from our menu!

We Create Sweet Memories

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STARTER - 7 pieces of whitebait, no chips

Calamari Rings

STARTER - 5 pieces of Calamari, no chips

Wholetall Scampi

STARTER - 4 pieces of scampi, no chips

Homemade Fish Cake

STARTER - 1 piece of fish cake

Fried Vegetarian Burger

Fried Vegetarian Burger with chips

Steak pie

Steak pie and chips

Chicken pie

Chicken pie and chips

Cornished Vegetable Pastry

Cornished Vegetable Pastry with chips

Saveloy and chips

Saveloy and chips

Fry Chicken Burger

Fry Chicken Burger with chips

Chicken nuggets

Chicken nuggets with chips

Cod and chips

Regular cod and chips

Cod and chips

Large cod and chips

Haddock and chips

Large haddock and chips

Cod bites and chips

Cod bites and chips

Hot seafood platter

Hot seafood platter


Regular Chips

Caramel sticky toffee puddings

Caramel sticky toffee puddings with ice cream

Ice cream

Ice cream


Lemonade / Orange / Ginger Beer 275ml

Glass bottles

Fanta / Sprite / Coca Cola / Coke Zero 330ml